Saturday, June 19, 2010



This are some images of the box i found....

( Missionary )


I am a foreign missionary working here in Philippines for the last 13 years now. I build churches and helping the poor people here in the Northern part of the Philippines, LUZON.

As I spend time bringing the gospel to the highlanders here and finish building their churches, I accidentally stumbled and discovered 1(one) site of the buried treasures of GEN. TOMOYUKI YAMASHITA. GEN. YASMASHITA and his imperial army looted all the gold from S.E. Asia and brought them down to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines in 1945. From the Philippines Yamashita’s plan was to bring the gold he looted back to Japan. But unfortunately the PACIFIC channel to Japan was blocked by American Naval ships led by General McArthur Douglas. No choice, Yamashita and his army together with the loot retreated and headed inland and started running Northwards. There are 179 documented treasures sites recorded in the Malaca┼łan Palace of the Philippines.

It was also here in Kiangan, Ifugao that Gen. Yamashita surrendered to the U.S. 6th Army in the morning of September 1945. Only 35% of the Yamashita’s treasures have been recovered by the ex-dictator the last President Ferdinand E.Marcos ( 1917-1989).

All that years I have kept quiet about the site I discovered and I have been praying for someone to help me to unearth the treasure. Now, I invite after many years of praying over this to anybody in any country who would like to help me. I need US $50,000 to bring up 1 (one) treasure box that I found. It took me 3 years and all the money I had , to find it after many struggles & difficulties. I FOUND IT FINALLY !!. I enclose here photos of the treasure box that I found at the depth of 96ft (32m) deep. It’s is a solid copper box made by the Japanese measuring 1m x 1m x1m, weighing 2½ tons. I managed to slice the top cover of the box using a underwater cutting torch to peep and see what’s inside. I saw the 6.2kg gold bars inside. I calculated approximately 400pcs of 6.2kg gold bars inside. I estimated total cost value of US$80 Million Dollars. The box is located in a very difficult position in a zig zag location at 96ft (32m) in the ground. I need help how from anybody outside of the Philippines to help me bring it up. I need to buy steel casings, 1” chain and steel cable 100ft long and tensile strength of 10ton, 2 hp submersible pump, 1 air compressor, 10ton chain block, 10ton pulley, 1” rope 100ft long and a few other items. It will take me 2 months to bring it up and whoever helps me will get more than enough. You can also be at the work site. There is a near-by hotel beside the site where you can stay.

Gentlemen, take your time, think it over, consult with your bank s and companies etc. and contact me. I am a missionary here building churches and my share of money will go to finish building the remaining of my churches. I am a missionary now for almost 35 years this 2010. The gold has been in the ground here for the last 60 years and I am in no hurry at all to bring up the treasures that YAMASHITA hid. I need the right people to get the job done for GOD’s people here in Philippines. Philippines is not a poor country but one or rather the richest country in the world besides CHINA. I am very confident, with the right people, to unearth the treasure. It will also see many many poor people here in the Philippines get a better life better living and a better education for a better NATION. Does the world know that every 5 inventions in the world, one is invented by a Filipino? Filipinos are very talented people. They have not yet given a chance due to poverty. I was deciding between Africa or Philippines to make my home. I finally decided Philippines to be my home to help the churches and people here. I like and the love the Philippines. The people are hard working and the most hospitable people you will ever find in the world. You can find Filipinos today working in almost every corner in the world and sending back money home for a better life and living for their families. As for me I am Attempting Great Things for God for the Filipinos which then will not see Filipinos struggling abroad working so hard to help the families back home.

Thanking you very much for considering my offer. God Willing I hope o hear from you soon.


Yours for His Commission